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We would like to welcome you in, and invite you to get a taste of what is the premier late model GM car club in Northern California. Please continue on to the forum and introduce yourself in the "Norcal Lounge." We'd also like to encourage you to take a look at our "GTG's" (Get Togethers) and "Racing GTG's" sections to see what the Norcal-LS1/LT1 membership is up to. We'd love to have you as a guest at one of our events; Norcal truly is about the people. If you become interested in joining the Norcal family you'll find the information you need in the "Membership" forum. We hope to see you on the road soon!

-Norcal-LS1/LT1 Officers and Members

A Brief History of Norcal-LS1/LT1

This club was conceived and founded in Northern California a few years ago by a group of car enthusiasts who shared a common interest: the new (at the time) LS1 and the very potent LT1 motors. It all began with a group of friends sharing their passion for cars. They would meet to discuss mods, lend a hand in wrenching on the beasts, or just hang out. The loose-knit and very unofficial group quickly grew, until somewhere along the line it became a "club." Our website and bulletin board were a natural progression.

Norcal continued on very unofficial, but ever-growing. We began having get togethers and representing ourselves at events throughout Northern California. Membership was growing at an incredible rate, and this had its ups and downs. Like any growing family, we had our trials. But Norcal persevered through the hardships, and learned a lot in the process.

Norcal-LS1/LT1 became a Non-Profit Organization in 2001 and became NASA certified late 2001. Part of this process involved drafting and adopting Norcal's first bylaws and a membership procedure. We've come a long way from a few friends with fast cars, and are very proud of our achievements. Even today, Norcal continues to grow. Our membership now covers the entire state from the Monterey Bay upwards; and includes a few alumni who have moved around the world and still represent Norcal proudly.

What will the future hold for Norcal-LS1/LT1? Nobody can say for sure, but we know we'll be enjoying the cars we love with our friends, and we hope you'll be there too.

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